Hot archaeal viruses - life cycle and interactions with their hyperthermophilic host
Xu Peng, Danish Archaea Center, Department of Biology, Copenhagen University,

Living organisms on earth are classified into three domains, Bacteria, Eukarya and Archaea. Where there is life, there are viruses. To date, the number of virus strains and isolates found as pathogens, or silent passengers, in organisms has increased to about 30,000. Amongst these, more than 5000 were identified from Bacteria, but only about 50 from the recently discovered third domain of life, Archaea. Despite the small number of identified viral isolates, archaeal viruses exhibit exceptionally diverse morphotypes, some of which have not been encountered amongst known viruses from Bacteria and Eukarya. We focus on the life cycle and host interactions of hyperthermophilic archaeal viruses isolated from hot springs with temperature around 80oC and pH around 3. In this talk I will present our data on the entry, replication and gene regulation of Sulfolobus islandicus rod-shaped virus 2 (SIRV2). Moreover, some of our unpublished data on the adaptive antiviral immune system CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced palindromic repeats) will be presented.

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