Genome-wide screening of extra-chromosomal circular DNA, eccDNA, in a eukaryotic cell
Birgitte Regenberg, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

Circular DNA elements have been associated to tumor development and evolution of eukaryotic genomes. Still, an overview of the abundance, the types and mechanisms by which circles are formed in the eukaryotic genome is missing. I will present a method for genome-wide screening of circular DNA from the eukaryotic model Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The method identifies several thousand eccDNA in S. cerevisiae suggests that DNA circularization is a common mutational event in eukaryotes. With a detection level of one eccDNA in 10,000 cells, we are convinced that the current method has broad application in screening of and research in eukaryotic eccDNA. In my talk I will discuss the mechanisms by which eccDNA are formed, maintained and what role they might play in evolution and disease.

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