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Vedran Sekara, Danish Technical University, Lyngby, Denmark

The past 100 years have seen a drastic change in our society, both in terms of structure and functionality. Everything is connected, events on the other side of the globe that previously had no effect on us can now greatly change our lives. The societal problems that we observe today are no longer of external cause, today we face social, economical, environmental, and political problems -- to solve them requires a intimate understanding of our society and its constituents. The field of social sciences has produced an plethora of results but have yet to formulate a coherent theoretical framework that entirely describes human phenomena--in part they have been hampered by the data collection process. In our age of information, data is more easily accessible; everything we do in our daily lives is recorded and stored in a database somewhere. The SensibleDTU and Social Fabric projects apply modern day smartphones to collect comprehensive data about N=1200 students at a large European academic institution. The talk will focus on how to acquire high resolution data and apply it to answer societal questions.

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