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Phages: Experiments and Modelling, May 3-6, 2006

Centre for Models of Life hosted the workshop "Phages, Experiments and Modeling" May 3-6 2006. The meeting focused on phages but also discussed other gene regulatory systems in bacteria.

The meeting took place in Dragør, a small coastal town 10 km southeast of Copenhagen, and was attended by 38 participants.


Sankar Adhya,
Stanley Brown,
Kim Sneppen

Here you can find the Program and the Participant List.

We will put a link to picture from the conference here soon. Below you can find a selection of talks presented during the conference. If you want your talk listed below please send a copy to Mia (borup

Shankar Adhyas 1st talk:
Stability of lambda Repression Loop

Shankar Adhyas 2nd talk:
A Two-Hybrid System for studying Protein-Protein Interactions: Use of Bacteriophage Lambda.

Harvey Eisen:

Siddharta Roy:
Regulation of Heat-Shock in E.Coli.

John Little:
Stochasitc simulation of lambda circuit.

Don Court:
Introduction to lambda.

Max Gottesman:
Lambda and HK022: competition between cousins.

Lynn Thomason:
Effect of lamda ReX on E.coli.

Ulrich Gerland:
Evolutionary robustness & switch design

Gary Gussin:
CII and PRE: Unanswered questions.

David Friedman:
Lambdoid phages and Shiga toxin expression.

Adam Palmer:
Transcriptional Interference between pR and pRE.

Keith Shearwin:
…about the role of cro in lambda…

Ian Dodd:
Using modelling to untangle a web of DNA loops and transcriptional interference in regulation by the phage 186 repressor.