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Batsheva Seminar on Information Processing in Living Cells, March 23-28, 2008

Place: Ein-Gedi, Israel

The objective of the seminar, organized under the auspices of Batsheva de Rothschild Foundation, is to bring together physicists and biologists to discuss the application of physical research strategies to unravel basic processes in biology. It is anticipated that this seminar will lead to cross fertilization and enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration. We also expect that the seminar will stimulate new ways of thinking about biological processes and will further collaborative interactions between these disciplines. The schedule will provide ample time for interchange of ideas and discussions.

This Seminar has been inspired by the work of the late Professor Amos Oppenheim, who coordinated genetics, physics and systems analysis to achieve remarkable insights into the behavior of a model biological system, the bacteriophage lambda.

The lectures are by invitation only. We strongly urge participants to bring posters, to facilitate deep discussions. Posters will be on through the entire period.

The meeting is limited to 100 participants.

Early registration deadline Dec 23, 2007.

Scientific Committee:
Gadi Glaser, Max Gottesman, Uri Alon, Terry Hwa, Kim Sneppen, Erez Braun, Sankar Adhya, Don Court, Shoshy Altuvia, David Gutnick, Alik Honigman.

  • * The B. de Rothschild Fund for the Advancement of Science in Israel
  • * The Center for Complexity Science, Israel
  • * Kahn Family Foundation through The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  • * The Danish National Research Foundation through The Center for Models of Life
  • * Lucy and Mark Ptashne
  • * The International Academic Friends of Israel (IAFI), New York
For the Program, Registration and Abstracts go to the homepage of the meeting at: