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Econophysics: Trends & Challenges, May 8-9, 2008

Aims and Philosophy

The meeting aims at conceptualizing the gap between our lacking understanding of human response activity and the economic observables on financial markets. Financial activity remain at its core a human activity governed by factors involving need, greed, perception and noise.

When analyzing time series, one repeatedly finds activity that is much more variable than what would be the case in idealized efficient markets. To deal with this discrepancy between ideal and the real world, a new field called econophysics has emerged on the interface between physics of complex systems and economy/finance. A scientific endeavour that combines things as different as speculative agent based models and analogies between financial timeseries and intermittency as known from turbulence. Hence econophysics may provide new ways of thinking about financial timeseries as the result of human factors and idealized rationality.

A Fertile Environment

Econophysics as field has taken two separated paths: One consisting of a public, academic and small community of physicist chasing stylized facts of financial time series, and another tacet community of physicist hired in banks and funds, modelling stocks, bonds and all derivatives imaginable.

With lecturers from both the financial and academic world, “Econophysics: Trends and Challenges” is to inspire the academic society with “real world” problems of portfolio managers and bring new ideas to bankers from “state-of-the-art” scientific research. In this fertile environment we hope to make clear, what the trends and challenges are in econophysics.

An important ingredient in the future of a scientific field is students. Hence one of the key ideas of the workshop is to give master and Ph.D. students, as well as post docs, an introduction to the field by experiencing some of the world’s best scientist and practitioners. Furthermore the workshop sheds light on econophysic as a career opportunity, both in the academic and financial world.

Place: Niels Bohr Institute, Blegdamsvej 17, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates: from 08 May 2008 09:00 to 09 May 2008 18:00

  • * Peter Ahlgren
  • * Henrik Dahl
  • * Prof. Mogens Høgh Jensen
  • * Prof. Kim Sneppen
  • * Giulia Iori, London
  • * J. Doyne Farmer, Santa Fe
  • * Ashvin Chhabra, Princeton
  • * Julien Kockelkoren, Paris
  • * Henrik Dahl, Nykredit
  • * Kim Sneppen, CMOL, NBI
  • * Sandeep Krishna, CMOL, NBI
  • * Claus Hvidegaard, Nykredit
  • * Janusz Holyst, Warsaw
  • * Ingve Simonsen, Trondheim
  • * Tiziana De Matteo, Pittsburgh
  • * Enrico Scalas, Alessandria
  • * Mogens Høgh Jensen, NBI
  • * Michael Møller, CBS
  • * Mateo Marsili, Trieste
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