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APS March Meeting 2008, New Orleans, Louisiana

Session: Oscillations and Segmentation: Dynamical Genetic Regulation in Time and Space
Session organiser and chair: Mogens H. Jensen

- Building the Vertebrate Spine Invited Speaker: Olivier Pourquie
- Modelling Ultradian Oscillations and Segmentation Invited Speaker: Mogens Jensen (CMOL)
- Spatial Patterns of Recurved Sensory Organs in Drosophila Invited Speaker: Gemunu Gunaratne
- Similarities and differences in the p53-mdm2 and NF-kB feedback loops Invited Speaker: Sandeep Krishna (CMOL)
- Dynamic Changes in microRNAs may Regulate Robustness of Wnt/Notch Signaling Invited Speaker: Preethi Gunaratne

Schedule and abstract at APS homepage [www]