Ecosystems with mutually exclusive interactions self-organize to a state of high diversity

This applet visualises a model model for the evolution of mutually excluding organisms that compete for space. Detailed information as well as instructions on how to use the applet is given below the applet window. In order to run the applet you need to have Java Runtime Environment installed

The applet illustrates the spatial dynamics of interacting species. The network of interactions between species is visualized in the right panel. The active interactions are shown in green and potential interactions (where two species are sperated by a third, neutral species) are in grey. The direction of the arrow is from superior to inferior specis. The size of a node represents the current population size of the corresponding species whereas the thickness of green links quantifies the number of active invasions sites. Alpha: The rate at which new species are introduced in the system.

Gamma: The density of potentail interactions