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Sandeep Krishna

Sandeep Krishna
Position: Reader at NCBS, India

Mathias L. Heltberg, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen
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Journal of Statistical Physics 0: (2017)

Mathias Heltberg, Ryan A. Kellogg, Sandeep Krishna, Savaş Tay, Mogens H. Jensen
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Kim Sneppen, Szabolcs Semsey, Aswin S. Seshasayee, and Sandeep Krishna
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Szabolcs Semsey, Liselotte Jauffred, Zsolt Csiszovszki, János Erdőssy, Viktor Stéger, Sabine Hansen and Sandeep Krishna
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Nucleic Acids Research 41:6381 (2013)

Lilla Sipos, Benedicte Mengel Pers, Magda Kalmár, Ildikó Tóth, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen, Szabolcs Semsey
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Coexistence of phage and bacteria on the boundary of self-organized refuges
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Dickkopf1 - A New Player in Modelling the Wnt Pathway
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