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Szabolcs Semsey

Szabolcs Semsey
Position: Research Associate Professor
Phone: +45 249 42613

Chengzhe Tian, Szabolcs Semsey, Namiko Mitarai
Synchronized switching of multiple toxin–antitoxin modules by (p)ppGpp fluctuation
Nucleic Acids Res 0:gkx552 (2017)

Sřren Vedel, Harry Nunns, Andrej Košmrlj, Szabolcs Semsey, Ala Trusina
Asymmetric Damage Segregation Constitutes an Emergent Population-Level Stress Response
Cell Systems 3:187 (2016)

Namiko Mitarai, Mogens Hřgh Jensen, Szabolcs Semsey
Coupled Positive and Negative Feedbacks Produce Diverse Gene Expression Patterns in Colonies
mBio 6:e00059-15 (2015)

Namiko Mitarai, Szabolcs Semsey, Kim Sneppen
Dynamic competition between transcription initiation and repression: Role of non-equilibrium steps in cell-to-cell heterogeneity
Phys. Rev. E 92:022710 (2015)

David Lalaouna, Marie-Claude Carrier, Szabolcs Semsey, Jean-Simon Brouard, Jing Wang, Joseph T. Wade, Eric Massé
A 3′ External Transcribed Spacer in a tRNA Transcript Acts as a Sponge for Small RNAs to Prevent Transcriptional Noise
Molecular Cell 58:393 (2015)

Szabolcs Semsey, Christopher Campion, Abdu Mohamed & Sine Lo Svenningsen
How long can bacteriophage λ change its mind?
Bacteriophage 5:e1012930 (2015)

Kim Sneppen, Szabolcs Semsey, Aswin S. Seshasayee, and Sandeep Krishna
Restriction Modification Systems as Engines of Diversity
Frontiers in Microbiology 6:528 (2015)

Sabine Hansen, Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey, and Sine Lo Svenningsen
Effects of Four Different Regulatory Mechanisms on the Dynamics of Gene Regulatory Cascades
Scientific Reports 5:12186 (2015)

Kristian Moss Bendtsen, Mogens H. Jensen, Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey
The role of mRNA and protein stability in the function of coupled positive and negative feedback systems in eukaryotic cells
Scientific Reports 5:13910 (2015)

Andreas Rřrvig-Lund, Azra Bahadori, Szabolcs Semsey, Poul Martin Bendix, and Lene B. Oddershede
Vesicle Fusion Triggered by Optically Heated Gold Nanoparticles
Nano Letters 15:4183 (2015)

Kim Sneppen and Szabolcs Semsey
Mismatch repair at stop codons is directed independent of GATC methylation on the Escherichia coli chromosome
Scientific Reports 4:7346 (2014)

Szabolcs Semsey
Mutations in transcriptional regulators allow selective engineering of signal integration logic.
MBio 5: (2014)

Szabolcs Semsey
A Mixed Incoherent Feed-Forward Loop Allows Conditional Regulation of Response Dynamics
Plos One 9:e91243 (2014)

Sine Lo Svenningsen and Szabolcs Semsey
Commitment to Lysogeny Is Preceded by a Prolonged Period of Sensitivity to the Late Lytic Regulator Q in Bacteriophage λ
Journal of bacteriology 196:3582 (2014)

Semsey, S, Krishna, S
Combining Theory and Experiments to Understand Sugar Regulation in Bacteria
Curr. Chem. Biol. 7:224 (2014)

Szabolcs Semsey, Liselotte Jauffred, Zsolt Csiszovszki, János Erdőssy, Viktor Stéger, Sabine Hansen and Sandeep Krishna
The effect of LacI autoregulation on the performance of the lactose utilization system in Escherichia coli
Nucleic Acids Research 41:6381 (2013)

Lilla Sipos, Benedicte Mengel Pers, Magda Kalmár, Ildikó Tóth, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen, Szabolcs Semsey
Comparative Network Analysis of Preterm vs. Full-Term Infant-Mother Interactions
PLoS One 8:e67183 (2013)

Mette Eriksen, Peter Horvath, Michael A. Sřrensen, Szabolcs Semsey, Lene B. Oddershede, and Liselotte Jauffred
A Novel Complex: A Quantum Dot Conjugated to an Active T7 RNA Polymerase
Journal of Nanomaterials 2013:468105 (2013)

Zsolt Csiszovszki, Dale E. A. Lewis, Phuoc Le, Kim Sneppen and Szabolcs Semsey
Specific contacts of the −35 region of the galP1 promoter by RNA polymerase inhibit GalR-mediated DNA looping repression
Nucl. Acids Res 40:10064 (2012)

S. Chakraborty, M.H. Jensen, S. Krishna, B. Mengel, S. Pigolotti, V. Sekara and S. Semsey,
Limit-cycle oscillations and stable patterns in repressor lattices
Phys.Rev.E 86:031905 (2012)

Spisák, S, Kalmár, A, Galamb, O, Wichmann, B, Sipos, F, Péterfia, B, Csabai, I, Kovalszky, I, Semsey, S, Tulassay, Z, and Molnár, B
Genome-wide screening of genes regulated by DNA methylation in colon cancer development.
PLoS One 7:e46215 (2012)

Csiszovszki Z, Krishna S, Orosz L, Adhya S, Semsey S.
Structure and function of the d-galactose network in enterobacteria.
MBio 2:pii: e0005 (2011)

Bendtsen KM, Erdossy J, Csiszovszki Z, Svenningsen SL, Sneppen K, Krishna S, Semsey S.
Direct and indirect effects in the regulation of overlapping promoters.
Nucleic Acids Res. 39:6879 (2011)

Kim Sneppen, Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey
Simplified Models of Biological Networks
Annual Review of Biophysics 39:43 (2010)

Alexander Hunziker, Csaba Tuboly, Péter Horváth, Sandeep Krishna, and Szabolcs Semsey
Genetic flexibility of regulatory networks
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 107:12998 (2010)

Peter Horvath, Alexander Hunziker, Janos Erdossy, Sandeep Krishna and Szabolcs Semsey
Timing of gene transcription in the galactose utilization system of Escherichia coli
JBC 285:38062 (2010)

Sneppen K, Pedersen S, Krishna S, Dodd I, Semsey S.
Economy of operon formation: cotranscription minimizes shortfall in protein complexes.
MBio 1: e00177 (2010)

Stéger V, Molnár A, ..., Semsey S, Lakatos P, Orosz L.
Antler development and coupled osteoporosis in the skeleton of red deer Cervus elaphus: expression dynamics for regulatory and effector genes.
Mol Genet Genomics 284:273 (2010)

Mikkel Avlund, Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey, Ian B. Dodd, Kim Sneppen
Minimal Gene Regulatory Circuits for a Lysis-Lysogeny Choice in the Presence of Noise
PLoS ONE 5:e15037 (2010)

Maria Werner, Szabolcs Semsey, Kim Sneppen, Sandeep Krishna
Dynamics of Uptake and Metabolism of Small Molecules in Cellular Response Systems
PLoS ONE 4:e4923 (2009)

Namiko Mitarai, Julie-Anna M. Benjamin, Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey, Zsolt Csiszovszki, Eric Massé, and Kim Sneppen
Dynamic features of gene expression control by small regulatory RNAs
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106:10655 (2009)

Szabolcs Semsey, Julie-Anna M. Benjamin, Namiko Mitarai, Sandeep Krishna, Zsolt Csiszovszki, Kim Sneppen and Eric Massé
Dynamics of the recovery from sRNA-mediated gene silencing
Cell Cycle 8:2863 (2009)

Mikkel Avlund, Ian B. Dodd, Szabolcs Semsey, Kim Sneppen, and Sandeep Krishna
Why Do Phage Play Dice
Journal of Virology 83:11416 (2009)

Szabolcs Semsey, Sandeep Krishna, Janos Erdssy, Peter Horvath, Laszlo Orosz, Kim Sneppen and Sankar Adhya
Dominant Negative Autoregulation Limits Steady-State Repression Levels in Gene Networks
Journal of Bacteriology 191:4487 (2009)

Sandeep Krishna, Laszlo Orosz, Kim Sneppen, Sankar Adhya and Szabolcs Semsey
Relation of Intracellular Signal Levels and Promoter Activities in the gal Regulon of Escherichia coli
Journal of Molecular Biology 391:671 (2009)

Borsy A, Podani J, Stéger V, Balla B, ...Semsey S, Vellai T, Lakatos P, Orosz L.
Identifying novel genes involved in both deer physiological and human pathological osteoporosis.
Mol Genet Genomics 281:301 (2009)

Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey and Mogens H. Jensen
Frustrated bistability as a means to engineer oscillations in biological systems
Physical Biology 6:3 (2009)

Lia G, Semsey S, Lewis DE, Adhya S, Bensimon D, Dunlap D, Finzi L.
The antiparallel loops in gal DNA.
Nucleic Acids Res 36:4204 (2008)

Edgar R, Rokney A, Feeney M, Semsey S, Kessel M, Goldberg MB, Adhya S, Oppenheim AB.
Bacteriophage infection is targeted to cellular poles.
Mol Microbiol. 68:1107 (2008)

Szabolcs Semsey, Sandeep Krishna, Kim Sneppen, Sankar Adhya
Signal Integration in the Galactose Network of Escherichia coli
Molecular Microbiology 65:465 (2007)

Namiko Mitarai, Anna M. C. Andersson, Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey, and Kim Sneppen
Efficient degradation and expression prioritization with small RNAs
Phys. biol. 4:164 (2007)

Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey, Kim Sneppen
Combinatorics of feedback in cellular uptake and metabolism of small molecules
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104:20815 (2007)

Sandeep Krishna, Anna M. C. Andersson, Szabolcs Semsey, Kim Sneppen
Structure and function of negative feedback loops at the interface of genetic and metabolic networks
Nucleic Acids Research 34:2455 (2006)

Szabolcs Semsey, Anna M. C. Andersson, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens Hřgh Jensen, Eric Massé, and Kim Sneppen
Genetic regulation of fluxes: Iron homeostasis of Escherichia coli
Nucleic Acids Research 34:4960 (2006)

Semsey S, Virnik K, Adhya S.
Three-stage regulation of the amphibolic gal operon: from repressosome to GalR-free DNA.
J Mol Biol. 358:355 (2006)

Semsey S, Virnik K, Adhya S.
A gamut of loops: meandering DNA.
Trends Biochem Sci 30:334 (2005)